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IC Datacom Is Your Source for Telecommunication, Computer Networking, Security Services and More

Imagine what your business or organization could do if you had access to the best technology and continuous, expert support? What if your telecommunication system sounded great, your computer networking systems were ready to go whenever you needed them, and you knew you could count on your security services to always keep your data and your staff safe? Would your office run more smoothly? Would your staff be happier and more productive? Would you meet or exceed your goals?

IC Datacom thinks so. Technology is an integral part of any organization today and most of us would be lost without it. That’s why it’s so frustrating when technology doesn’t work. That’s also why IC Datacom is dedicated to making your technology work for you. Our three step, full-service process ensures it.


Step 1: IT Planning and Customization

– Every organization and business is unique
– That means your technology needs will be, too. Why, then, do so many technology companies try to sell one-size-fits-all computer networking and telecommunication systems? Why do they provide the same audio visual and security services to all of their clients?

At IC Datacom, we start every project with an onsite consultation. We want to see how your organization runs and better evaluate your needs. Would LAN work better for you than WAN? Where do you need wireless internet accessibility most? How can we provide the best structured cabling for your needs?

Then, we create a customized plan designed to address your individual technology needs. We’ll go over it with you, step-by-step, to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.

Step 2:
Technology Installation and Setup

– We use the right equipment and software for your custom system
– Then we install everything so you’re ready to go. After all, you don’t pick up the phone just because you enjoy telecommunication, or send an email while on the go because you think your mobile phone is swell. And you don’t get computer networking because it’s nice to have.

You need technology because it helps your staff communicate, collaborate, and get the job done. You just need it to work. And when IC Datacom installs your systems, they work.



Step 3:
Continued Maintenance and Support

– Once your new technology is in place, you can begin working more efficiently and collaboratively. But that doesn’t mean IC Datacom’s work is finished
– Maintaining your technology is just as important as installing the right system. But don’t worry. We’re with you every step of the way. Whether your staff needs training on the new computer networking system, your software needs an update, or the equipment isn’t running as well as it could, IC Datacom is here to help you make the most of your technology. We truly are your partner in technology, so let’s do this together.

IC Datacom is here for all of your technology needs, including:

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