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Comprehensive Audio Visual Services for All Your Needs

As part of our complete communications technology services, IC Datacom is proud to offer full audio visual service. We’ll work with you to maximize your communications and lessons by creating a technology plan that utilizes the right equipment and impeccable support.

Whether you need technology for meetings and events or audio visuals for education,
IC Datacom has an audio visual service solution for you!

Audio Visuals for Education

Let’s face it: both children and adults learn better when they have access to technology in the classroom. But just like every student
is unique, so are your school’s technology needs. That’s why
IC Datacom offers a range of audio visuals for education and impeccable service to back it up.

Imagine teaching your students how to write a paper by diving right into Microsoft Word projected on the big screen, or utilizing math tutoring websites while working through a problem in class on an interactive whiteboard. How about a video experience that walks students through biology labs?

When you invest in audio visuals for education, you invest in the success of your students. IC Datacom is the perfect partner in your technology investment. After all, we were once students ourselves. Technology has enabled us to shine in our industry, and we want to do the same for your students.

Visit our Education page to learn more!

Effective technology for meetings and presentation is important for business communications — just as important as making a phone call or firing off an email. That’s why IC Datacom offers effective technology for your meetings.
When you give your staff the technological tools they need, you give them the opportunity to truly work as a team. Having the right technology for meetings ensures that your staff is all on the same page.

No meeting or event is too big or too small for IC Datacom to handle. Whether you’d like the simplicity of a fixed installation or the flexibility of setup and removal as needed, we can handle all of your technology for meetings and events.

Project beautiful Q3 data charts onto a screen, use a microphone to make announcements, or enable offsite consultants to telecommute using a flat-panel TV and a Polycom system. You can even host events and celebrations right there in the office with a big screen, sound system, and staging.

Whether you need technology for meetings and events in the public sector or for small business,
IC Datacom has you covered.

IC Datacom can provide you with a smart board

Our audio visual service includes:

  • Fixed installation
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Public announcement systems
  • Projectors and screens
  • Wireless and corded microphones
  • Amplifiers and speakers
  • Concert and large scale event rental and support


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